Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Burgerkill At Hard Rock Cafe Bali

Burgerkill, the best metal band Indonesia play in Bali for the second time. This time they rock at Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta.

The Show was start at 11, there was a long queque at the gate, when I was enter the venue Parau was playing, so I missed the other opening act The Last One.

Hard Rock Cafe that night was full of Hardcore Kids, Metal Heads and Punkers, and most of them are wearing black t-shirt!

I can't remember how many songs they were played that night, but the band give the best show ever to all the crowd, I just remember that they covered 1 song from Panthera "mouth of war".
Eben, guitarist of Burgerkill was amazed with the Balinese crowd, he said: "If our President saw how cool you guys here, he must be proud!"

Burgerkill is planned to tour in West Australia this month, they gonna be the first metal band from Indonesia who ever toured there.

Good Luck, and stay metal!

Complete Bio of BURGERKILL

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Noerdy Metronome said...

wow baru nyadar ternyata ada bali indie di blogspot.. mantap bro. kita sharing di dunia maya.
-noerdy geekssmile-