Sunday, August 8, 2010

Navicula set cancelled last minute as opening act for Ian Brown

Di-copy dari note- NAVICULA

Last night Navicula was scheduled to open for the legendary British musician Ian Brown at Hard Rock Cafe, Bali. Less then an hour before the show, Navicula's set was cancelled by Ian Brown's stage crew because of technical concerns.

One week ago, we received confirmation that Ian Brown's management had approved Navicula as the opening act for their show in Bali on Aug 7, 2010. Of course, for us this was an honor and we were excited to be sharing a stage with an International rockstar.

On the day of the event, after Navicula's sound check at 11am, everything seemed to be ready for the show. Together with the local stage manager and the Hard Rock Cafe event team we worked around the demanding stage needs for Ian Brown's performance.

At 5pm we got a call from the event organizers giving us a heads up that Ian Brown was setting up their equipment and in the process had changed everything from the set up this morning – meaning our morning sound check was useless, and we would have to do a last minute sound check before our performance at 9pm.

Navicula members and crew were standing by, ready to set up, again. All our amps had been moved off the stage, the mixing board we used at sound check had been switched with another board – the stage was totally rearranged with no concern for our set up. Ian Brown's team finally finished their sound check at 9pm, Navicula was scheduled to perform in half an hour.

After their sound check, Ian Brown's stage manager let us know the we could not move our amps back on stage because they were worried it would effect their equipment and they would not give us any channels on the mixing board, so Navicula could not perform. Even though we guaranteed that we would not change their settings whatsoever, Ian Brown's team still would not let us perform.

By now the event had officially started… without support from the event organizers and without any flexibility from Ian Brown’s stage crew, we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s one thing to cancel Navicula’s set, but waiting until an hour before the show is rude and inconsiderate.

Well, life goes on. Lessons learned.
From Navicula management: Apologies to all our fans for the last minute cancellation, thanks for coming out and supporting. Thanks to the team at Hard Rock Café and the event organizers for doing their best.

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